Testimonial Juan Miguel Torres

development Engineer
juan miguel torres


“It was a little stressful in the beginning because I did not really understand Danish that well. If I attended a 30-minute meeting, I was given a 30-second translation in English afterwards. That was a bit frustrating. But now I understand Danish very well.”
Juan Miguel came to Denmark from Spain as an exchange student. He ended up finishing his BA as a mechanical engineer in Denmark and subsequently he got a job at a small Danish company. Soon he was looking for new challenges and he applied for a job at LINAK.
Thorough recruitment procedure
“The reception I got at LINAK was very good. The recruitment procedure was very thorough. Clearly, everything was done to ensure the most qualified candidates were employed. This kind of makes me a little proud to know when you succeed and get the job.”
Great classes in Danish
“I was offered some very fine classes in Danish. They were very concentrated and useful and I learned all the basics in a very short time. However, people still speak to me in English when we are in a hurry and there is no room for misunderstandings. – So really, language is not a problem. We speak Danish, German and English at LINAK.”
Good values
“When you get to think about it LINAK is based on really good values. It is not something you consciously think about every day, at LINAK it is just the natural way to do things. I also get a sense of pride when I think about the fact that I take part in making products and solutions that help improve the lives of people in the hospital and care sector. I like that.”


Onze waarden
Wij leveren innovatieve actuator-oplossingen die de kwaliteit van ieders leef-en werkomgeving verbeteren.
Onze richtlijnen
We respecteren de mens en leefomgeving – dit streven wij na in onze richtlijnen.
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